A last-ditch attempt

In a last-ditch attempt at finding one more summer day, we drove down to the local ice cream shop last night. It was weird to go for ice cream when it was so dark out – I didn’t realize how early the sun has been setting lately… But they had pumpkin ice cream. Intrigued, I asked to try some before I went and actually committed to having an entire dish of it. It was like ice cold pumpkin pie filling. Mmmm. So, it was a strange mix of goodbye to summer, hello to fall as I enjoyed my pumpkin ice cream last night. Not that it’s fall yet, and it’s supposed to be warm enough to swim this weekend, but last night it definitely felt like fall. :)

In other news, we had our first “real” dance lesson at Arthur Murray last night (yes, we were suckered into signing up). I actually caught myself really dancing at one point – not thinking about where my feet should go, but just doing it. Amazing! There is some coordination hidden in there somewhere… As for the gowns, well, the ice cream trip sort of interrupted things, but the second lining is almost done – I think I’ll have it sewn in at a reasonable hour tonight.