Once again

Once again, I’ve failed to blog over the weekend. Part of it was, as usual, being busy and unwilling to look at a computer. Most of it was because I’m still coping with the emotions this attack has caused. I’ve had to turn off the news for most of the weekend – I can’t watch the interviews with the people hoping to find their loved ones. I’ve always considered myself an optimistic person, but I don’t know how anyone could still have hope now.

On the lighter side of the weekend, though, I’m very close to being done with those gowns! Everything’s done except hemming both dresses and sewing the buttons on one of them. Both bonnets are done. As soon as I’ve finished the rest of the sewing, I’ll post some more pictures. The only problem I have now is how to get my hands on baby-sized hangers… I couldn’t find any in the two stores I looked in – I think I might have to beg some from a department store. My house is decorated for the shower this weekend (note that it’s not actually clean yet, but it is decorated. :) I actually have an idea of the menu. We’ve got some games planned. Now I just have to deep clean and cook. And then clean again, of course, because cooking’s a messy process!

Probably the most frivolous thing I did all weekend was buy more yarn. Yes, I’m starting another project. Why? Because I’m obsessed with fall colors right now, and I found this neat pattern for a tote bag and even neater yarn in pumpkin, burgandy, brown, olive and cream colors. Ahhhh. There’s something very soothing in the sound of wool sliding over knitting needles. It’s good for the soul. And I need that right now.