Moon Bunny

Carrie has started naming her books. I know of at least 5 books that she has names for: The Going To Bed Book is “toothbrush” because the animals all “brush and brush and brush their teeth”, Spot’s First Easter is “duck” because there’s a little yellow chick on the front, The Belly Button Book is Carrie’s made-up sign for “belly button”, Peekaboo Puppy is peekaboo with her hands followed by the sign for “dog”, and Bedtime Bunny is “moon bunny”. I think there might be others but I’ve only recently noticed the trend so I haven’t kept track of which signs she makes for all the books yet. She’s very demanding about which books she wants to hear at nap and bedtime, so those are the ones I’ve seen the names of most often.

She’s also starting to verbalize a lot more, but a lot of her words all sound alike because she leaves off the end – so “ball”, “bear”, “blocks” and “book” all sound pretty much the same, as do “chair” and “shoe”. Luckily she signs to clarify things if I can’t figure it out from context.

Based on the amount of pseudo-talking she does now, I’m pretty sure the house is going to be anything but quiet for the next several years!