Big Girl Rainbow Bed

It was a traumatic shopping trip – for me, at least – but Carrie finally picked out her big girl bedding. (Asking a 3 1/2 year old to make a decision is like catching rain in a colander.) Keep in mind that she has a lavender, green and white room.

Meet bold rainbow stripes:


Actually, in a strange sort of way it actually works. Once we get the rest of the room set up (which will have to happen after the baby’s room is painted) I think it’s going to be just fine. It’s just a little…bright…right now. Her alternate sheet set is dark green with white polka dots, but she wanted the flower sheets first.

I did have some second thoughts and some tears of my own earlier when I was folding up her crib/toddler bedding and she had a meltdown over her “baby” quilt… “But Mommy, that quilt still fits me and this one is too big for me because I’m still little!” But she went to bed without complaint and fell asleep quite quickly, so I guess it’s all OK. We’ll see in the morning, because I’m more than happy to get it back out if she’s not ready to part with it.