(First) Last Day of School

Today was Carrie’s last day of preschool (well, until the fall) and they had a little end-of-year celebration. This song, sung to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” was darn cute:

We’ve been having fun in preschool, learning all year long
We can tell you all about it, just listen to this song
We learned all our shapes and colors, letters and numbers, too
We learned how to share with others, now our year is through.

It was even cuter the other night when Carrie sang it for us after dinner. She literally stood up and pressed her arm into her stomach, and with more breath control than your average opera singer belted it out at the top of her lungs. Seriously, I have never heard her sing like that, and I wish I’d had the video camera handy (especially when she belched halfway through and kept on going like nothing happened!)


I have to admit that I shed a few tears this morning, especially when we picked up her things after and there was a folder of her work with her tiny handprint and the poem “This is the hand you used to hold when I was only three years old” on it.

And yes, I’m aware that if I’m weepy over a year of preschool being over I’m going to be a complete basket case in 15 years when she walks across the stage in her cap and gown.

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  1. Julia

    I went through the same bitter-sweetness last week with Maddie on her last day. She’s 4 going on 14!! She’s already asking when she’s going back to school, when she can ride a real bike, when she can drive… Sigh… At least you can blame the weeping on hormones!! :)

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