So I fixed the main part of my blog (all except the craft pages) and then it was down again this morning yesterday morning. I didn’t actually do anything at all on my site in between when it was fixed and when it broke, so I don’t see how I could have caused it. Since I barely have time to update my blog, let alone muck with all the backend stuff, I decided to go in another direction entirely and try WordPress

It’s going to take a little getting used to. I’m not completely happy with the template yet, all of my internal links are completely broken, and any external bookmarks will be broken as well. I have no idea at all what this is going to do to the RSS feed…apologies if you get all 1500+ entries showing up in there!

But, it’s nearing 1 AM, and as tomorrow today is Palm Sunday I think I’d better just make this public and fix everything later.