Strong Museum, Revisited

We went to the Strong Museum again today – this time with my friend Susie and her baby Nikki, who is Anna’s best friend.  Seriously, the babies are someday going to be graduating from high school together and we’ll have photographic proof that they were friends before they could even walk or talk!

It was great for Carrie because she was the only kid old enough to have a say in where we went, so she got to do whatever activity she wanted right that minute.  I even “cheated” at the mini Wegmans and let her choose 10 items to put in her cart: 5 for her and 5 for Anna.  As an aside, this is something I don’t get.  We teach our children to about eating healthy at home and at school, and Carrie just naturally enjoys fruits and vegetables.  So she always winds up filling up her allotted 5 items from the produce section, and then can’t figure out how she’s going to buy milk, cereal and eggs too.  So I’m happy to have found a way to let her pick out more items without technically breaking the rules.  It might become a problem when Anna’s old enough to want to pick out her own 5 items, though!

The babies mainly crawled around the baby spaces and looked cute.

And then Carrie finished up the visit with the messiest, meltiest soft-serve ice cream cone ever.