Never Enough Time

I don’t really know where the time goes.  Somehow it’s been over a month since I published all of my blog posts, and I really don’t know how or why.  I thought I’d have so much more time after Carrie started school, but in reality I somehow have less time.  And I have so many things that I could or should be doing in any given moment that sometimes I’m too overwhelmed to even pick one, and so I do none of those things.

If I could have any one super power, it would be the ability to control time.  I’d like to hit “pause” on my life now and then, I think.

5 Years, 3 Months

Dear Carolyn,

Today you are 5-and-a-quarter years old.  Today you also met your twin baby cousins for the first time.  You were so excited to meet them!  You kept whispering to the girls how cute they were and how soon they would be big girls like you and you’d play with them and teach them how to do everything.  You were especially thrilled when you were allowed to hold each baby – although Abby was much happier with that arrangement than Emma was!

Baby, five years ago, this was you:

Carolyn, 6 weeks

Carolyn, 6 weeks

And now look at my big girl!

Carolyn with cousin Abby, 6 weeks

Carolyn with cousin Abby, 6 weeks

I can hardly believe that 5 years (and a few weeks) have gone by since you were the baby in that little flowered sleeper!  And now you’re promising to take your little baby cousins under your wing and teach them all you’ve learned in your big five years.  It takes my breath away.


Bon Voyage, Dizzy!

Dizzy Sheep is going on a voyage, à la Flat Stanley, to visit various friends around the country.  I made him a little travel case, and we had a little bon voyage party this evening.flat_dizzytravel_case

If all goes as planned, he’ll be traveling until the fall!


Happy Birthday

We had a nice quiet (well, as quiet as it ever gets with two kids) dinner at home and a small ice cream cake to celebrate Denis’ birthday today.  Happy birthday, honey!

18 month well-baby visit

Vital stats:

18 months, 6 days old
24 lbs. 14.5 oz.
32″ tall

Anna had her 18 month visit today.  She’s still pretty much right in the middle of the growth charts for height and weight.  The pediatrician was impressed with her vocabulary and how tolerant she was about being examined.  She only needed one shot today, and only cried for a moment – as soon as the nurse stuck that Hello Kitty bandaid on, she was happy to meow for us instead of cry!


20100115_sledSo, if the sled is for ages 6+, and there’s a 5 year old and a 1.5 year old sitting on it, that’s OK, right?  (Don’t bother reporting me, there was maybe an inch of snow and no hill – not much danger there.)

Oh!  And this was taken with my second attempt at a new camera.  Much better.

First Haircut

I love Anna’s hair, but she was sporting a little baby mullet because she never lost all of her original hair in the back, it’s just been growing non-stop since she was born.  There were long bits that when wet and straight would hang halfway down her back, but only a few curls were long and it looked kind of funny.  So I brought her in today for her first haircut.  She calmly sat in the chair and watched the TV in the room while the stylist evened things up.  It looks so cute!20100114_haircut120100114_haircut220100114_haircut3