Salad People

We’ve had this cookbook for a while, and used it a few times, but never to make the title recipe.

Today we made Salad People for dinner.

Carrie couldn’t decide between making a person, robot or alien, so it’s a combination of all three. And I’ve discovered that the kids don’t even like cottage cheese when it’s in fun people form. The rest was a hit, though!

St. Patty’s Day Party

Shockingly enough, this was our ninth annual St. Patty’s Day party. Next year we’re going to have to do something super special I think!


Anna insisted on wearing the blue dance skirt all day, and Carrie had a blast hanging out with all of her friends.


I forgot to buy a silly hat this year, so no silly hat pictures. :(

Ice Skating Lessons

Today was our big first ice skating lesson day. Carrie started Snowplow Sam, and I’m in the Basic 1 class, for ages 6 to adult.

I am the biggest “kid” out on the ice. Which I felt a little self-conscious about for the first few minutes. And then I realized, I didn’t actually care what any of the other parents thought. I mean, really, really, didn’t care.

I only fell down once. Well, twice, but the first time was on purpose.

Carrie made a new friend in her class – it’s pretty easy to make friends when you’re five: just have identical bike helmets!


20 Months Old!

Dear Anna,

Today you are 20 months old. That’s a lot! I feel like I can’t really say that you’re one and a half anymore, because when you’re only talking 20 months, 2 is a pretty big percentage of that.


You now have 13 teeth. And you *love* to brush them. Of course Daddy or I get a turn, but you’d chew on that toothbrush for hours if we let you. You also really love bathtime. For a while we were doing nightly baths, but it’s not really practical with the amount of time we have between dinner and bedtime to do them every night. But you certainly would not complain if we did!

Your language skills are improving by leaps and bounds. You now say “Nikki” instead of “Nee-Nee” when we’re having a playdate with your best baby friend. It’s a little sad actually…Nikki’s mom and I were expecting you to call her up in high school and say “Nee-Nee, do you want to go to the movies with me?” You will also jabber entire conversations. Only one or two words might actually be recognizable, but baby, do you love to talk!


Your favorite foods this month are fish sticks, apple juice and coooookies! You are my little carnivore, and will frequently pass up bread or fruit for more meat. Or cheese, can’t forget the cheese! You still eat quite the variety of foods, but I have to be slightly careful what order I offer them to you in!

You love slides. You haven’t had much of a chance to use them – actually, really only at the kids’ haircut place, where they have some toys in the waiting area. But you don’t call them “slides”, you call them “wheeee!”s. Kind of makes sense, really. I guess we’ll have to get out our baby slide once we’re sure winter is over and done with!


Your most very favorite toy right now are Lego Duplos. I just recently got out our big bin of them, and you can spend forever with them: dumping, picking them up, playing with the Duplo people. I have also seen a change in your play – you starting to do imaginitive and role types of play, putting Little People in their car and driving them around; feeding baby dolls bottles and carrying them around.

It’s so much fun watching you grow and learn and blossom. I can’t wait to see what each new month brings!

Love, Mommy

Chalk in the Snow

There was still snow on the ground, but it was so warm yesterday afternoon that the girls wanted to play with chalk.


It might not have been short-sleeves warm, but Carrie insisted…