Salad People

We’ve had this cookbook for a while, and used it a few times, but never to make the title recipe. Today we made Salad People for dinner. Carrie couldn’t decide between making a person, robot or alien, so it’s a combination of all three. And I’ve discovered that the kids don’t even like cottage cheese … [Read more…]

St. Patty’s Day Party

Shockingly enough, this was our ninth annual St. Patty’s Day party. Next year we’re going to have to do something super special I think! Anna insisted on wearing the blue dance skirt all day, and Carrie had a blast hanging out with all of her friends. I forgot to buy a silly hat this year, … [Read more…]

Ice Skating Lessons

Today was our big first ice skating lesson day. Carrie started Snowplow Sam, and I’m in the Basic 1 class, for ages 6 to adult. I am the biggest “kid” out on the ice. Which I felt a little self-conscious about for the first few minutes. And then I realized, I didn’t actually care what … [Read more…]

20 Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are 20 months old. That’s a lot! I feel like I can’t really say that you’re one and a half anymore, because when you’re only talking 20 months, 2 is a pretty big percentage of that. You now have 13 teeth. And you *love* to brush them. Of course Daddy or … [Read more…]

Chalk in the Snow

There was still snow on the ground, but it was so warm yesterday afternoon that the girls wanted to play with chalk. It might not have been short-sleeves warm, but Carrie insisted…