Blue…ish Playdough

The strawberry playdough was such a hit last week, I thought I’d add blue playdough to the mix.  The “Ice Blue Lemonade” Kool-Aid packet, however, didn’t really make blue.  It really turned out more turquoise than blue.

Blue? Not exactly.

Note that this didn’t stop the girls from enjoying playing with it!

Spaghetti and Sundaes for All!

Piles of playdough pasta.

A spiky sundae.

And now I’ve had requests for purple, orange, white and yellow to go with their red and blue…ish playdoughs.  Maybe I’ll just make a different colored batch every week and get rid of the old mostly dry cans of commercial play-doh!  And maybe I’ll find the right flavor of Kool-Aid to actually make blue…