Riding the Train in the Rain

The forecast today was for “scattered thunderstorms”, so we decided to leave our second day of Dutch Wonderland for later in the week and switch a few other plans around.

The Strasburg Railroad

We thought that taking the train in the rain would be fun, so we headed for the Strasburg Railroad.  (To say that we got drenched while waiting to board would be an understatement.  Despite our enormous umbrella, everyone’s shoes were soaked through and Anna – poor short little Anna – couldn’t have gotten wetter standing in the shower fully clothed.)

Feeling very glad we didn't pick the "open air" car!

Do you *see* how hard that rain is coming down?!?

But it was worth the soaking.  The details inside the train were lovely – aside from the velvet seats being green instead of red, it was exactly as Laura had described her first train ride in By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Lovely detailed woodwork and windows.

Just in case we got cold...

Even the outside of the cars were gorgeous!

The ride itself was fun, too.  We were able to open the windows and look out on the rain soaked cornfields, wave to people waiting in cars at crossings, and even see an Amtrak train go speeding by at 100 mph while we waited for the engine to switch to the other end of the train for our trip back.

Looking out the window.

Smoke and rain and something vaguely green.

It's too bad about the rain - this looked fun!

The conductor looking out at the rain.

What a great train ride!

By the time we finished watching the engine switch back to the other end of the train again after our trip, it was lunch time, so we headed to the Red Caboose Motel, where we ate lunch in a train car!  The girls were extra thrilled to find a friendly cat sitting on the porch when we were leaving.

Switching the engine.

The conductor signaling the driver.

Lunch on a train - you could even sleep here at the motel!

Right next to the tracks - we were on that train earlier!

Friendly cat!

Since we were still soaked through, we headed back to the hotel for a swim and a change, and then went shopping at Kitchen Kettle Village, where we bought fudge, jam and beef jerky (blame Denis), and also were able to stop at the absolutely lovely Lancaster Yarn Shop.  Where I may have acquired some yarn.  But, 1) it’s souvenir yarn, and 2) it’s sock yarn.  Neither souvenir yarn nor sock yarn count as “stash”.  So souvenir sock yarn must be anti-stash, and therefore actually cancels out some yarn I already own, right?

Kitchen Kettle Village. In the rain.

Lovely, lovely yarn shop!