Bowling Birthday Party

Today we had a birthday party for Carolyn at a bowling alley.  What fun!

Birthday girl on a bench

We only had to bring the birthday child and a cake.  Or, in this case, cupcakes.

The bowling balls and pins are fondant.

A tower of birthday cupcakes!

I hate writing directly on cakes, the banner is much better!

I was heavily inspired by these twobowling cupcake projects.  And honestly, this was probably the easiest birthday “cake” I’ve ever made.  Cupcakes, piped swirls of icing, and fondant decor.  There was so little work and they turned out so cute!

A souvenier bowling pin for everyone to sign!

Everyone seemed to have a great time!  The fancy shoes on the slippery floor were an especially huge hit.  As were the “lightsaber” battles with the glow stick necklaces we gave out…

Super stylish footwear. With velcro, too!

Neither of my children have bowled very much – actually, this might have been Anna’s very first time.  Luckily, they were far more interested in throwing the ball down the lane than their scores!

Watching the many pins will fall down?

Three hands are better than two!

I would definitely do a bowling party again.  It’s by far one of the easiest birthday parties we’ve had for either child.  Carolyn was absolutely thrilled with it!

Happy Birthday, Carolyn!