Both girls wanted to try gymnastics, which started today!  I don’t think they’re ready to give up dance, but they seemed to both really enjoy their classes.

True Glee

Step 1: Get out a sprinkler. Step 2: Turn it on just as the bus is coming down the street. Step 3: Get the camera ready. (Turns out both girls wanted to run through the sprinkler in swim suits, so we paused for a quick change. But seriously, the giggling…it was out of control!)  

Memorial Day Parade

Carolyn got to march in the Memorial Day Parade today with her Brownie troop. It looked like it was going to rain hard – and it did sprinkle for a while right before the parade – but it turned out to be perfect! And then the sun came out, and there was a little carnival. … [Read more…]

Strong Museum

Our school district appeared to be the only local one with all of today off – most everyone else had a half day – so we took a chance and went to Strong Museum. I’m still trying to work with my new 28mm lens, and since this was one of the places it was hard … [Read more…]