3 Years Old!

Dear Anna, Today you turned 3 years old!  I’ve been calling you my three-year-old for a few weeks now, because, well, you’ve been acting 3.  That is to say, you’re going through a completely age-appropriate stage where you are testing limits, making a bid for independence, and generally trying to make me crazy.  When you’re … [Read more…]

22 Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are 22 months old. Two more months before you turn two – and the time is just flying by. I think I’d better start planning your birthday party soon! This month I’ve been astounded by the things you’ve started doing. All of a sudden you’re counting…all the way up to eleven. … [Read more…]

21 Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you turned 21 months old. So much closer to two than one, it’s amazing how much you’ve changed from baby to little girl in this past month! You love your books, just like your big sister. Your new thing is to let me read you a book, then you take the book … [Read more…]

20 Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are 20 months old. That’s a lot! I feel like I can’t really say that you’re one and a half anymore, because when you’re only talking 20 months, 2 is a pretty big percentage of that. You now have 13 teeth. And you *love* to brush them. Of course Daddy or … [Read more…]

19 Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are 19 months old. You are definitely out of baby mode and full-on into toddler mode…and an independent toddler at that! You are very much done with the walking bit. Now, you run. And when you’re not running, you’re climbing. You have no fear. Not one little bit! You thrive on … [Read more…]

Eighteen Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are eighteen months old.  That’s a year and a half – we’re halfway to two already since your birthday, which doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago! You have 10 teeth now: two of your molars have poked through.  Hey, if you get a couple more teeth in soon … [Read more…]

Seventeen Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are seventeen months old.  Another month before you are officially one and a half!  You’ve gained one of your top molars to bring your total number of teeth to nine, and you’re just on the verge of outgrowing a lot of your 12-18 month clothes. What else is new this month?  … [Read more…]

Sixteen Months Old!

Dear Anna, You are sixteen months old today.  I waffle between thinking that sounds so young and thinking that I should probably stop thinking of you as a baby. I’m sorry to say that I’ve totally lost track of your words and your signs.  You have so many at this point that it would probably … [Read more…]

Fifteen Months Old!

Dear Anna, Today you are fifteen months old, and what a big girl you’re becoming! You are obsessed with Signing Time.  Truly, truly obsessed.  Every morning, the minute we come in from putting your sister on the bus, you ask for Signing Time.  Every morning, I give in, so I can drink my coffee and … [Read more…]

Fourteen Months Old

Dear Anna, Yesterday you turned 14 months old.  Somewhere in my feverish haze I vaguely realized it was the 12th, but then I had to take a nap.  I feel slightly better today, so let’s see if I can make sense… You are walking!  Truly, truly walking, although you also still like to “bear walk” … [Read more…]