Both girls wanted to try gymnastics, which started today!  I don’t think they’re ready to give up dance, but they seemed to both really enjoy their classes.

Treasures of the Rainforest

Carolyn’s class did a presentation called “Treasures of the Rainforest” tonight.  She studied the Golden Lion Tamarin, and was able to create a mask and a report on this adorable endangered animal.Ignoring the bit where I had to run all over creation today looking for a yellow shirt (and I tried for yellow shorts but … [Read more…]


I saved these until after the dance recital, just to avoid any last minute crutches!

True Glee

Step 1: Get out a sprinkler. Step 2: Turn it on just as the bus is coming down the street. Step 3: Get the camera ready. (Turns out both girls wanted to run through the sprinkler in swim suits, so we paused for a quick change. But seriously, the giggling…it was out of control!)