Preschool, and a People

What does this look like to you? According to Carrie, it’s “a people!” She told me what she was drawing: “eyes, a nose, a mouth…legs, feet, shoes…arms and hands!” This is the first time I’ve ever seen her draw something more than a basic shape and have it look like what she said she was … [Read more…]

Noting the Lasts

Every first is celebrated in a child’s life. First time sleeping through the night, first steps, first words. Carrie slept in her “big girl bed” for the first time sometime last month. But she slept in her crib for the very last time last Wednesday afternoon. We took the crib down yesterday. Her room looks … [Read more…]

Time for a Big-Girl Bed?

We’ve been experimenting with the inflatable toddler bed I bought this summer in the hopes that Carrie would sleep in it on our Disney trip. Yesterday we tried starting her out in it for both her nap and bedtime, but both times she asked to sleep in her crib not long after. Today at nap … [Read more…]

Is Your Mama a Llama?

I think we have an official first word! Today Carolyn demonstrated that not only does she know how to say “llama”, but she knows exactly what it means. If I show her the llama, she’ll say “llama”; if I ask her to find her llama, she’ll go and pick it up. If you click on … [Read more…]


Today Carrie was standing at my parents’ coffee table, and noticed the delicious-looking cordless phone on their end table. Instead of getting down and crawling over, she took 5 steps to get there, and didn’t fall down at the end! She’d strung a couple of steps together before, but only towards a waiting parent and … [Read more…]

First Steps!

Earlier today Carrie was standing next to the ottoman in her room and she took two steps towards me without holding onto anything. She did it a second time a little bit later, so it definitely wasn’t an accident! Both times she collapsed into my arms giggling, like it was a big joke that she … [Read more…]

Two Foot, Two Inch Terror!

Carrie started pulling up this afternoon. She crawled over to my parents’ coffee table, put her hands on the top, and ended up on her feet. She was quite pleased with this new perspective. Now, in addition to all the other general baby-proofing we need to finish, we’re going to have to start securing things … [Read more…]

I Predict…

I should be careful what I wish for. Remember, just a few hours ago, when I said Carrie was going to start crawling because we’d just told the pediatrician she didn’t yet? Yep. She did. I even caught it on video: Her first successful crawl was directly for the pedals on the piano. I looked … [Read more…]

We Bought A Convertible!

Carseat, that is. Carrie’s outgrowing her infant carrier, and even if she weren’t I really can’t tote her around in it anymore because the seat plus the baby weighs easily 30 pounds. Carrying that in one hand, around knee level, just isn’t all that great for my back! Since I’ve taken to leaving the seat … [Read more…]

Roll Over, Roll Over

Dear Carolyn, Of course, the day after we told the pediatrician you weren’t rolling over yet, you decided it was time to. And of course you couldn’t do it while anyone was watching, could you? Daddy put you down on your back and sat down at the piano, and a few minutes later he looked … [Read more…]