So quiet…

Everyone has gone back to work and school and Matthew and Murphy are both napping.  It’s so quiet after two weeks of everyone being home and together.  Matthew spent the morning running to the window every time a car went by, saying “buh? buh?” and looking for the school bus.  I’m apparently not as much … [Read more…]


We tried to use my (very old) telescope to watch the transit of Venus earlier this evening. We dropped a UV filter from my camera in the end and covered the (white) reflection plate with black construction paper to try to tone down the intense sunlight, but even with all that…the pictures were not so … [Read more…]


When we moved in, we had big overgrown bushes in front of our house. They’ve only gotten bigger and more overgrown over the past nearly-13 years: And now they’re gone! I have a nice, clean blank slate (well, minus the overgrown burning bush that I couldn’t bear to have pulled out – we’ll try to … [Read more…]

A Gardening We Will Go!

Annuals…check! Anna-sized gardening gloves…check! Amazing insects…check! A good time was had by all – even the caterpillar.  We put him on his very own leaf.

Happy First Day of Spring!

She clasped her hands for pure joy and looked up in the sky and it was so blue and pink and pearly and white and flooded with springtime light that she felt as if she must flute and sing aloud herself and knew that thrushes and robins and skylarks could not possibly help it. ― Frances … [Read more…]

Well, I’m Awake Now!

I just drove home from work, feeling rather tired and thinking I’d go to bed relatively early tonight.  As I passed the back entrance to the school campus, I had my eyes peeled since I’d seen deer on my way into work along this road.  Just before I reached the top of the hill, though, … [Read more…]

Lantern Flowers

Anna and I spotted these “Living Lantern” planters walking into Wegmans.  Also known as Chinese Lanterns, they absolutely fascinated Anna and I figured they’d look nice on our front step.  Something different from the potted mums I usually put out for the fall!