Tap, tap, tap….

Is this thing on? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let me explain.  No, wait, there is too much.  Let me sum up. Lots of everyday, crazy fun and messy life has happened in the past, oh, almost two years now.  I’m not really sure why I stopped blogging except that things got busy for … [Read more…]

Just Stay Little

This afternoon I tried to clear off our overflowing bookshelves.  When the books are all crammed together it’s hard to find anything, and the kids get frustrated looking for what they want.  I thought, OK, I can get rid of most of the board books – I’ll keep a few for when Anna starts reading, … [Read more…]

Sometimes I should probably just nod and say “yes”.

Conversation in the car earlier as we pulled into the driveway after dance class: Anna: “Mama, what is that on top of the roof?” Me: “That’s the chimney, honey, for the fireplace we never use.” Carolyn: “Yeah, we’ve never used it, have we?” Me: “Well, not since before you were born.” Carolyn: “Oh!  Is that … [Read more…]

Puppy Paws

Yesterday I noticed how big my big girl has gotten recently. You know how puppies – the little 2 month old puppies you bring home – have short little stubby legs and round little bellies and soft, short little faces? And then a few months later, before the adult dog emerges, they become sort of … [Read more…]

Ah, the joys…

…of motherhood, that is. So Carrie got off the bus yesterday and declared school to be boring.  She said the only part she liked was recess and that was too short. And then Anna turned out to be feverish right after dinner, and was up half the night.  She apparently has the same virus that … [Read more…]

A Shopping We Will Go…

I’m pretty sure that I might be the only mom in the world who actually enjoys grocery shopping with the kids.  Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot longer than shopping alone, and there are the usual requests for the boxes of brightly colored, sugar laden cereals and snacks.  But we’ve got a system. … [Read more…]

Soccer Mom

Well, I’ve had the car for five years now, but I couldn’t officially call myself a soccer mom until yesterday.  But with Carrie playing soccer, I guess that’s what I’ve become!  Granted, it’s just a week long intro to soccer skills kind of thing, we’re not traveling for games or anything – although with the … [Read more…]

Strong Museum

Susie and I took the kids to the Strong Museum for what will probably be the last time before the big kids head off to school.  It was pretty deserted, so the kids got to do pretty much everything they wanted to, including riding the train and the carousel. I did have a little run-in … [Read more…]

Excitement + Melancholy

We got Carrie’s teacher assignment in the mail today.  She’s going to be in K/1 multi-age instead of traditional kindergarten.  I’m really, really excited for her, I think this is going to be a great fit for her personality and learning style! At the same time, I’m not ready for kindergarten.  Carrie is most certainly … [Read more…]