Harry Potter

Harry Potter Well, as much as I absolutely loved the books, I have to admit (unwillingly) that I was a bit disappointed in the movie. Part of it was that so much had to be left out – and some of the left-out parts were favorites of mine – and part of it was because … [Read more…]


Shopping I was supposed to go Christmas shopping last night with Lisa, Dar and Kris. While we were at the mall, I bought myself a nice new snowman cardigan with a matching turtleneck, and some Montana Mills bread, and various other non-Christmas-gift type items. Hmmm… I think maybe I should feel a little guilty…although, I … [Read more…]


Blog-less I don’t have anything to write. Except that I’m in a really good mood for some unknown reason. Not that I’m complaining… :)

I guess

I guess I’m either too optimistic or unable to grasp reality. A plane crashed this morning, in Queens. My immediate reaction was to call Denis and make sure that the location of the crash was nowhere near his parents’ place – after all, they are along major flight paths for both JFK and LaGuardia… My … [Read more…]

I’m getting an iPod!

I’m getting an iPod! Denis was trying to keep it as a surprise, but he’s not good at keeping things secret from me… If he wanted to really keep something secret, he’d have to not say anything at all about it – I’m just too good at guessing! He’s really cute about it, though – … [Read more…]

After spending two days stuck

After spending two days stuck on the couch with an awful head cold, I (a) never want to see the couch again and (b) feel some strange urge to buy term life insurance. I probably saw about a hundred commercials for life insurance from various places. Of course, since I spent most of the first … [Read more…]

Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts I think I’m having the post-Halloween blues. I woke up with a headache and things have just gone downhill from there… It doesn’t help that my job is uncertain right now and my master’s project has gone nowhere in two months. I’m completely out of shape, since I fell off the diet and … [Read more…]