stuff nightmares are made of…

stuff nightmares are made of… What if you wandered into your backyard and found this? Denis and I were out in the yard on Sunday, checking out our jungle-gym playset to see whether we could fix it up for Lizzy to play on next summer. And what did we find? A hornet condo. I swear, … [Read more…]


Hmmm. Can I get a new cubicle? I just read on the Dilbert website about the Ultimate Cubicle. I want one!!!

Time Flies… …but USAirways doesn’t.

Time Flies… …but USAirways doesn’t. At least, not to Rochester or Buffalo from Boston last Friday. After spending 7 hours waiting in the airport, I eventually got on a plane to Ithaca, where my grandparents live. Unfortunately, my luggage didn’t. Argh. 24 hours after I would’ve gotten home on my original flight (still about 4 … [Read more…]


Well, I’ve managed to find some internet access – not on my laptop, but at least I can check e-mail and blog! I bought the neatest book yesterday – “How to Speak Dog”. Pretty soon I’ll be able to put on my resume that I’m multilingual – I speak English and Doggish. :) Actually, it’s … [Read more…]

I’ve Had It!

I’ve Had It! Ok, I had to dial in to work just to get my email and blog. I’m finding it extremely difficult to believe that I’m at a “Web Services” conference with no internet access. OpenSource had a (free) wireless network setup all throughout the conference area. The focus of that conference was not … [Read more…]

<insert sigh of relief here>

<insert sigh of relief here> It’s Friday!!! And I’m leaving for Boston extremely early (i.e. the flight leaves at 6:50 A.M.) tomorrow morning. Yes, I know, most sane people aren’t even close to awake at that hour on a Saturday, but I’ve never been to Boston, so I’m eager to get an early start. Of … [Read more…]

Under Pressure

Under Pressure (…and the song now gets stuck in your head – sorry…) Between working long hours, trying to make progress on my master’s project, and creating two christening gowns, I’m not finding much time for sleep – or anything else… I’m headed to Boston for a week in, oh, about 44 hours, and I … [Read more…]


Lucky I must be really lucky. I have seen, over the past few days, an average of two ladybugs a day – in my house! I have never seen so many ladybugs in my life! The weird thing is that they’re almost all in my kitchen. We have a sliding glass door, but when it’s … [Read more…]

I guess

I guess I’m not supposed to blog right now – IE just crashed. Boom. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that while I was typing out my blog I kept updating and reloading the javascript code I’m trying to fix at work. I think I reloaded the buggy code one too many times. I just … [Read more…]