Treasures of the Rainforest

Carolyn’s class did a presentation called “Treasures of the Rainforest” tonight.  She studied the Golden Lion Tamarin, and was able to create a mask and a report on this adorable endangered animal.Ignoring the bit where I had to run all over creation today looking for a yellow shirt (and I tried for yellow shorts but … [Read more…]


I saved these until after the dance recital, just to avoid any last minute crutches!

True Glee

Step 1: Get out a sprinkler. Step 2: Turn it on just as the bus is coming down the street. Step 3: Get the camera ready. (Turns out both girls wanted to run through the sprinkler in swim suits, so we paused for a quick change. But seriously, the giggling…it was out of control!)  


We tried to use my (very old) telescope to watch the transit of Venus earlier this evening. We dropped a UV filter from my camera in the end and covered the (white) reflection plate with black construction paper to try to tone down the intense sunlight, but even with all that…the pictures were not so … [Read more…]


When we moved in, we had big overgrown bushes in front of our house. They’ve only gotten bigger and more overgrown over the past nearly-13 years: And now they’re gone! I have a nice, clean blank slate (well, minus the overgrown burning bush that I couldn’t bear to have pulled out – we’ll try to … [Read more…]