Anna doesn’t get to have so many playdates with her best friend Nikki lately, but we did manage to get them together today…and they were wearing the same shirt!

Little House Shawls

One of my favorite things to knit are small shawls – they hug your shoulders and provide a little extra bit of warmth, show off a beautiful single skein of yarn, and there are so many wonderful patterns you would never need to knit the same one twice!  Unless, of course, you have two girls, … [Read more…]

April Snow Showers…

…bring the first snow day of the year? Well, we’re not going to complain about that. Besides, building a snowman on the deck (there wasn’t enough accumulated on the lawn) and giving him a carrot nose and cheerio eyes? In April? Sounds fun to me! (Carolyn didn’t fall for my April Fool’s “you’re going to … [Read more…]